Borough of Ocean Gate, New Jersey

  • Wednesday, 04 April 2012

Storm Drain Technologies products and results are simply put: amazing!

Governor Rendell,

I write you this letter in reference to Storm Drain Technologies. I understand that you and your staff have met with this company and are considering working with them. Just to give you a brief history on my relationship with Storm Drain Technologies, Last fall (2010) Mr. William Hannemann approached me and told me that had a new idea for the Borough to try and would I sit down with him and discuss. Of course I said yes. I'm a firm believer in trying new ideas, especially if it ultimately helps the residents of the community in which I serve. Just to give you a short history on the Borough of Ocean Gate, we are the first municipality in the state of New Jersey to take on the process of wind development. You may have seen a story or two about Ocean Gate in the Philadelphia Inquire talking about our project. Since November 2010 the borough has been operating its own 50KW wind turbine to power our municipal building. We are at about 50%, which is better than we were 2 years ago. And plans are under way to begin the construction of a second 50KW wind turbine to power our water plant, fire department, and our community hall. Work should commence in the next several weeks. So for this company to approach me about a new idea doesn't surprise me at all.


So late last fall I met with Will Hannemann and discussed his ideas and what potential it could do to the Barnegat Bay, which the borough borders (1 Mile long beachfront). Personally I thought it was a great idea I then scheduled him to present this idea to the full governing body at a public meeting. The council was in full majority (6-0) to take on this experiment. The council voted to move forward. And the best part of this was at NO cost to the taxpayers of Ocean Gate.


After a pretty brutal winter, Storm Dain Technologies came into town and began to work (late February 2011). They here approximately 4 weeks and had the system on line by late March. Since then they have taken samples from their vaults numerous times and have provided me with 3 independent lab reports. Over and over again the results get better and better. This proves to me that the experiment (project) was a huge success. I'm in the process of applying for grants funds to do the remaining 15 storm drain outfalls that are in the borough (and dump directly into the Barnegat Bay). I have fought, made phone calls, emails, you name it, to try and secure funding for this most successful project. The borough only has 2200 residents, a half square mile, and a handful of ratables. So in essence a project of projected cost of $ 1.5 million dollars is in dire need of a grant. I will keep plugging away to secure funding for this project and do the right thing for Barnegat Bay, get it cleaner again, at least in Ocean Gate. And I can thank Storm Drain Technologies for that.


One final note, Storm Drain Technologies, Mr. William Hannemann and company have been a pleasure to work with. They have been very professional in their work and kept a promise that not only were we all happy and thrilled with their work ethics, but that the experiment was a huge success. I can't wait to work with them in the very near future. I've been trying to convince all of the municipalities that border the Barnegat Bay to look into Stonn Drain Technologies, their product, and last but not least their results. Simply put- Amazing!!

  • Paul J. Kennedy, Mayor
  • - Borough of Ocean Gate, New Jersey


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