Our Solution

Starr Water Treatment Systems has pioneered the science of accelerated sedimentation using dual inclined plate directional hydrodynamics. We have developed the WTS2000 to address the issue of soil erosion, sediment control, and pollution removal. The WTS2000 is a physical treatment device that achieves superior results using the science of accelerated sedimentation.

The WTS2000 is a totally green, portable accelerated sedimentation device that uses our unique technology to achieve unprecedented results. It functions without the use of chemicals or replaceable filters and has an exceptionally small carbon footprint. It is this technology that distinguishes the WTS2000 from other soil erosion and sediment control products on the market.

How It Works

Water that is pumped into the WTS2000 is processed through a four-step vertical separation sequence. Each step in the sequence sufficiently reduces pollutants.

  • Phase 1: Debris and suspended solids
  • Phase 2: Silt, sediment, and sand
  • Phase 3: Hydrocarbons, oil, grease, and heavy metals
  • Phase 4: Nitrates, phosphates, and similar pollutants attached to the water

Treated water is then directed out of the WTS2000 using a hose or by opening the system’s drains. Water leaving the unit can be discharged safely back onto the site.

In their September 9th New Product Technical Bulletin, the New Jersey Department of Agriculture State Soil Conservation Committee approved the use of Aqualete Industries' WTS2000 Portable Sediment Tank for compliance with the NJ Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Standards - Standard for Dewatering.

This new technology utilizes dual-angle, inclined plate directional hydrodynamics to separate solids from the incoming water. Our four-phase treatment sequence in the WTS2000 effectively reduces:

  • Total Suspended Solids (TSS)
  • Nephelometric Turbidity Units (NTU)
  • Kjeldahl nitrogen (organic nitrogen plus ammonia) (TKN)
  • Total phosphorus
  • Hydrocarbons and heavy metals
  • Biochemical Oxygen Demand
  • Chemical Oxygen Demand

System Specifications

The WTS2000 is constructed of 316 marine-grade stainless steel and has no moving parts. It uses no chemicals, electricity or replaceable filters. The System efficiently and effectively separates, collects, and retains pollutants until cleaned.

A standard flow rate for the WTS2000 is approximately 160gpm/9,600gph/230,400gpd. This varies slightly depending on the soil composition you are running through the system. A breakdown of flow rates based on soil type provides more detail. Read our Soil Classification Chart for more information.

The greater the concentration of TSS, the higher the reduction rate for the WTS2000. Starr Water Treatment Systems are built to work. Read our TSS trendline Report here.

A portable system, the WTS2000 is supplied including an attached trailer. It can be transported using most standard construction vehicles, including pick-up trucks. The total empty weight of the WTS2000, with trailer, is approximately 4800lbs. The System is not designed to be moved while filled or partially filled with water.  

The WTS2000 was designed to be operated and maintained by any worker on a job site. It requires no special certification or training.

Aqualete Industries provides each purchaser with transport, operation, and maintenance manuals as well as onsite instruction and product support.


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