Green Technology

Storm Drain Technologies was established with a single mission in mind: to provide a safe, economical and green method for cleaning our water and preserving our environment for generations to come.

Green Means Restoring the Aquifer

Our vision for protecting the integrity of the aquifer and improving the environment is carried over in the design of our water treatment systems.

Storm Drain Technologies proudly boasts a proven, totally green technology that produces unprecedented results without the use of:

  • chemicals
  • electricity
  • no replaceable filters


No Residual Waste

Using our solutions, there is no waste left behind. What's more, our Aqualete Water Treatment Systems successfully trap collected bio-mass and debris and keep it separate from other pollutants, preventing cross-contamination of nutrients, hydrocarbons, silt, and sand. This not only reduces the nutrient load of the collected water, it allows for a more efficient and less costly maintenance and pollutant removal process because total suspended solids are removed separately rather than as part of a "toxic soup."

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