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Water is directed into the WTS2000 (influent) using a diaphragm or centrifugal pump and a standard flex hose up to 3” in diameter. The System processes water using a dual angle inclined plate directional hydrodynamic particle separator. As a totally green system, it does not require the use of replaceable filters or chemicals of any kind. Water is directed out of the System (effluent) using a hose or by opening the six (6) drains.
We remove anything attached to the water, including silt, sand, hydrocarbons, phosphorus, nitrates and nitrites. The System is not designed to remove anything dissolved in the water.
Though the flow rate depends on the type of material treated, the maximum flow rate for the WTS2000 is 250gpm/ 15,000gph/360,000gpd.

This depends on the project at hand and how much sediment is in the product you are cleaning. We recommend a minor cleaning at the end of the work day at a minimum. The System should not require more than one cleaning per day. We also recommended lubricating the influent and effluent valves periodically.
The WTS2000 can be operated by one person.
The WTS2000 can be operated by any person on a job site and requires no additional training or certification.
The System, once drained, is transported using a 2 -5/16th inch ball hitch on the back of a pickup truck.
Collected soil and sediment can be removed from the System and put back onto the job site. If you are working in an area with a high measure of hydrocarbons, it must be disposed of according to DEP regulations (usually a recycling center).
The WTS2000 is not recommended for cleaning up chemical spills and hazardous waste.
The WTS2000 is available to own, lease or rent. Rentals are available on a monthly, weekly or daily basis depending on need. All ownership opportunities come with custom-designed manufactured unit delivered in less than 60 days and full warranty. We offer 24-7 customer support, user guide and maintenance manuals. A minimum 20% deposit is required, the balance due at time of delivery. Starr Water Treatment Systems offers volume discounts.
Each purchase includes a Starr Water Treatment Systems WTS2000 with internal components and attachment connections. The System is mounted on a trailer, which is provided with a spare tire. The purchaser is responsible for supplying the hoses for the influent and effluent and a pump.
Starr Water Treatment Systems will handle the shipping costs of all units within a 200 mile radius of our headquarters in Ocean, NJ. Any costs associated with deliveries outside of this radius will be passed from the trucking company directly to the purchaser. Estimated shipping costs can be procured beforehand.
All purchases include training and product demonstration for purchaser’s personnel.  Additionally, we demonstrate our WTS2000 regularly at industry trade shows and events.
Yes, however there is room on the unit to fit your signs. If you buy more than ten (10) units, our team can customize the signage for you.


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