Cost & Maintenance

The Aqualete Water Treatment Systems’ exceptionally low maintenance requirements and associated costs are a result of smart engineering and intelligent design. Storm Drain Technologies understands what plagues many of the existing systems on the market today and has developed a product that works exceptionally well for less money.


Design Highlights that Keep Costs Low

Our system's cost-effectiveness is a result of a myriad of revolutionary design considerations that combine to set our solutions apart from our competitors.

  • Compact size = low installation costs
  • Accessibility = low maintenance costs
    • the entire System can be cleaned and maintained via the manhole opening, eliminating the need to enter the vault
    • stainless steel and concrete construction, no replaceable filters or moving parts means minimal need for repairs
  • Four Phase Separation = low maintenance costs
    • Other systems on the market collect debris, oil, grease, silt, and sand into one compartment. During maintenance, this “toxic soup” must be removed and treated as hazardous waste.
    • With the Aqualete Systems’ separation sequence, debris can be removed and treated like standard reuse. This significantly reduces the amount of removed pollutants that must be handled and processed as hazardous waste, and consequently reduces ongoing maintenance costs.

Storm Drain Technologies has the lowest material and installation cost per acre treated ratio on the market today.

Compared with the four alternatives (above) examined by The University of New Hampshire
Stormwater Center, the Aqualete Treatment System costs significantly less to install and maintain.

Ease Of Maintenance

Aqualete Water Treatment Systems were designed for easy, low-cost installation and maintenance. All cleaning is done from the street above the vault. Vault entry is not required for routine maintenance.

While each site has individual maintenance requirements, there are a few basic requirements established for all Aqualete Water Treatment Systems.

Minimum cleaning requirements include:

  • Debris should be removed relative to site conditions, approximately twice per year.
  • Inflow and outflow pipes should be checked for debris or clogging at the vault wall when the debris is removed. This can be accomplished without entering the vault.
  • The remaining chambers are to be cleaned a minimum of once per year.
  • The backflow preventer should be checked to ensure it is working properly during the annual maintenance of the system.


Aqualete recommends a maintenance log be kept for each system detailing:

  • the date last cleaned
  • the individual performing the maintenance
  • the actions taken at the site

Cleaning schedules may vary depending on the conditions at the road surface. Additional cleaning may be required if the roads are heavily sanded or if the roads receive a heavy coating of debris that could wash into the system. This may occur should construction debris, sand or silt wash onto the street up stream of the system or after a winter with heavy sanding of the road.

All debris should be disposed of in accordance with New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection regulations for that material.

To learn more, view a complete Operations & Maintenance Manual.


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