Why Starr Systems

Starr Water Treatment Systems are an improvement upon existing options because they do not face the same challenges that plague other devices.

The WTS2000 portable treatment device can be used to minimize the effect of soil erosion, control sediment, and treat dewatering discharge more effectively than any other product on the market today.

Currently, suggested practices for dewatering and sediment control include Removable Pump Stations, Sump Pits, Portable Sediment Tanks, and Silt Control Bags. Existing approaches often fail to produce the same results as the WTS2000 while also presenting cost and time limitations.


WTS2000 Reduction Rates

  • Total Suspended Solids (TSS)  - 87%
  • Nephelometric Turbidity Units (NTU) – 75%
  • Kjeldahl Nitrogen - 77%
  • Total Phosphorus - 83%
  • Hydrocarbons & Heavy Metals - 95%


The WTS2000 saves you time and money.

Incentives for choosing the WTS2000 include:

  • Helping to keep projects on schedule
  • Reducing preventable interruptions and delays
  • Ensuring compliance with state and federal discharge regulations
  • Minimizing associated labor and material costs for ground and surface water treatment
  • Effectively treating water without costly add-ons, trainings or certifications

Green Technology

Starr Water Treatment Systems’ vision for protecting the integrity of the aquifer and improving the environment is carried over in the design of our water treatment technologies.

A Clean, Efficient Technology

We are proud to offer a proven solution that produces unprecedented results without the use of chemicals, electricity or replaceable filters.

treated water is discharged in a safe, environmentally-sound manner and collected solids can be reclaimed for later use or disposed of properly.

 Environmental Impacts

  • Reduces the amount of stormwater treated at wastewater treatment facilities.
  • Effectively treats water for discharge into jurisdictional wetlands or local water bodies.
  • Prevents total suspended solids from polluting nearby waterways.
  • Reduces pollutants in runoff, such as hydrocarbons, silt, sand, nutrients, and heavy metals.
  • Minimizes the effects of soil erosion on construction sites.
  • Separates pollutants removed from storm drains, such as dredge spoil, accumulated sediments, floatables and other debris.
  • Minimizes negative water quality impacts that result from post-construction runoff from site work in both new development and redevelopment applications.


Starr Water Treatment Systems WTS2000 is a durable, quality piece of equipment that was designed to be used by and worker in the field.  

The entire System is constructed of .316 marine-grade stainless steel. All internal, stationary components are welded together for endurance and function.  Stainless steel trays used to capture debris are easily removed and cleaned during regular maintenance.  Every WTS2000 undergoes a complete quality control process before shipping.

Operating the WTS2000

  1. Level the System using attached corner jacks
  2. Close all drain valves
  3. Attach dewatering hose to influent
  4. Attach discharge hose to effluent
  5. Engage pump and allow water to run through System
  6. Cleaning the WTS2000
  7. Remove the attached hood pins and lift off the (3) cover hatches from the System
  8. Drain System using (6) valves
  9. Remove the trays using the handles provided and release the collected solids
  10. Clean System using wet vacuum and dispose of material properly

The length of time this process will take depends on the quality of the solids collected.  However, the process of cleaning all six (6) chambers should take no longer than sixty (60) minutes. Complete operation and maintenance instructions are provided with every unit and are detailed in the Product Manuals


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