Compact Size

The strength of Aqualete Water Treatment Systems resides in their versatility. Adaptability is paramount when addressing the needs of individual sites, particularly as it relates to flow rates and contributory drainage area.

A Versatile Solution

Our systems are designed to be versatile. Compact models are ideal for areas that would otherwise prove challenging for stormwater management, including those areas with high water tables or little room for development. Larger models are available to support areas with higher flow rates or larger influent pipe size. 

The interior treatment area of the SDT460, our smallest model, is 3’wide x 4’long x 7’4” high. Our largest model, the SDT780, has an interior treatment area of 13' wide x 14' long x 21'4" high. A complete product list can be downloaded here.

Advantages of Aqualete MTDs:

  • Adaptation to retrofit situations and areas with little room for development
  • Installation around existing trunklines, even when space is limited
  • Installation in areas with high water tables, such as coastal or lower-lying regions


Small Footprint, Big Results

Where the contributory drainage area is large, Systems can be installed in parallel without compromising results.

In a parallel configuration, Systems are installed one after the other to handle larger drainage areas or to address higher than normal flow rates. In high volume storms a wier, or baffle, diverts the overflow to the next vault in the System. This parallel configuration ensures that the Aqualete Water Treatment System will neither clog nor reintroduce collected debris into waterways.

The use of smaller systems in parallel, while not necessarily a requirement, may distribute the collection of pollutants between systems and lengthen the amount of time between cleanings, decreasing the frequency of system maintenance and helping to manage cost.

Above: Installation of SDT2670 in Ocean Gate, NJ.
The Ocean Gate Project was an offline, retrofit installation in an area with only 12 feet of total separation between an existing sanitary sewer main and the existing, very shallow stormdrain system. The water table was 3 feet from the surface.

These tight installation parameters would be challenging for many of the larger, more cumbersome stormwater management systems on the market today. However, because of our vertical construction and compact size, our solution is ideally suited for such a project. A complete Aqualete Water Treatment System was installed in two weeks with no impact to adjacent infrastructure.


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