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The WTS2000 is beneficial to any municipal contractor, utility company or site-work contractor who must dewater a site into a nearby roadway or body of water in order to continue construction of a building, repair a water or gas pipe, install a pool or road, or repair or install infrastructure.  It can be operated by any worker on a site and requires no specialized training.


The costly process of taking water decanted from MTDs during cleaning is no longer necessary. The water can now be pumped from the MTD, treated by the WTS2000, and discharged to any downstream location, providing a significant cost savings.

On March 20 and April 22, 2013 a combined study by Monmouth University and Rutgers University School of Engineering evaluated the appropriateness of using the WTS2000 to decant water from stormwater MTDs as a viable step in the maintenance of our stormwater infrastructure.

The results of this evaluation concluded that the WTS2000 Water Treatment System can be used to decant water from hydrodynamic separators. The treated water can be discharged from the WTS2000 after treatment to downstream drainage or any or downstream BMP, if any. In the absence of any BMP, the water can be discharged to any downstream location.

 The benefits to onsite stormwater treatment, as opposed to wastewater facilities, include:

  • Significant cost savings for towns and municipalities
  • Improved efficiency of vacuum trucks
  • Suggested maintenance schedule for stormdrains is more easily met
  • Treated water can be returned to the aquifer rather than removed for processing
On October 28, 2013, the WTS2000 was used to clean out an MTD on a municipal road. The turbidity level of the decanted water was reduced from 960 NTU to 4 NTU. The TSS was reduced from 7,900 to 4.6, a reduction of 99.9%.



Construction activities frequently result in the need to pump out groundwater and surface water. All discharges to surface water bodies must comply with state and federal discharge regulations. The WTS2000 was developed by contractors, for contractors to address this problem.



What used to take hours using outdated dewatering and soil erosion techniques now takes minutes.


Benefits of Using the WTS2000


Using the WTS2000 saves time and money.


  • Helps keep project on schedule
  • Reduces preventable interruptions/delays
  • Helps ensure compliance with state and federal regulations
  • Can be used repeatedly
  • Sediment collected within the unit may be reclaimed for use on the site
  • No costly, cumbersome removal and disposal


The WTS2000 can be operated by any worker on a site.


  • Transported using the ball hitch on the back of a pickup truck
  • Easy to set-up, operate, and clean
  • Constructed of .316 marine grade stainless steel
  • All internal, stationary components are welded together for endurance and function



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