Test Results

Starr Water Treatment Systems continually evaluates the WTS2000 through ongoing field and laboratory testing. Our results show reduction rates far beyond industry standards. The WTS2000 is the best product on the market today to meet the regulatory standards set forth by the EPA for soil erosion, sediment control, and dewatering.

Laboratory tests involved the treatment of both store-purchased material similar to playground sand as well as site material from two active construction sites. Field tests were more diverse and involved the treatment of stormwater sump material as well as dense red clay from a construction site. In both the field and laboratory environments, the WTS2000 performed exceptionally well, reducing:

  • 87% average TSS
  • 75% average turbidity, including red clay
  • 77% Kheldahl nitrogen
  • 83% phosphorus

During an October 2013 MTD cleanout, the average effluent water had a turbidity level of 3.93NTU, down from 960NTU and an average TSS reduction of 99.9%.

Results Log


In their September 9th New Product Technical Bulletin, the New Jersey Department of Agriculture, State Soil Conservation Committee approved the use of Aqualete Industries' WTS2000 Portable Sediment Tank for compliance with the Standard for Dewatering. You can view New Jersey's State Soil Conservation Committee Technical Bulletin here and please download your copy of our Dewatering Technology Report.

Soil Erosion & Dewatering Criteria


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