Field Test: Ocean Gate Avenue, Ocean Gate, New Jersey

On July 09, 2012, Starr Water Treatment Systems conducted a field test on material collected from a stormwater BMP on Ocean Gate Avenue, Ocean Gate, New Jersey. The test material was comprised of muck and sump material and had a flow rate of 160 GPM, 9,600 GPH, 230,400 GPD.

Starr Water Treatment Systems WTS2000 was used to pump out and cleanse the mixture of water and solids trapped in an underground Aqualete Water Treatment System (Model 2670).





This Aqualete Water Treatment System stormwater BMP is on a main road one block from Barnegat Bay. The BMP was installed offline of an existing trunkline between the sanitary sewer and water lines. The BMP had not been cleaned for 10 months.



Starr Water Treatment Systems crew arrived to set up traffic cones and keep road clear. The WTS2000 was pulled up alongside the manhole covers of the storm drain boxes and the manhole covers were removed to expose the Aqualete Water Treatment System SDT2670. A significant amount of debris had collected in the BMP.

The WTS2000 was prepared for BMP cleaning and sample testing: the box was leveled using the built-in adjustable legs of the trailer, the top lids were removed (to observe during testing), a large hose was connected to the left side, and a pump was inserted into the Aqualete Water Treatment System BMP to pump the dirty water into the WTS2000.

Dirty water from the stormwater BMP was pumped directly into the WTS2000. The water crashed into the shield, cascaded through the trays, and exited through the effluent pipe. Effluent water was returned to the BMP via the open manhole cover. The pathway of the water through the WTS2000 was video recorded, as were the grab samples. After cleaning was complete and the WTS2000 was drained back into the manhole cover, the covers of the storm drains were replaced and locked. All equipment was returned to their respective locations and road blocks were removed.


A significant improvement in clarity from the influent to the effluent was visible during the BMP cleanout. As seen in the grab samples, the TSS removal rate was significant.



The WTS2000 separates pollutants removed from storm drains, such as accumulated sediments, floatables, hydrocarbons and other debris. When cleaning stormwater BMPs, the System can be used to treat water removed from the BMP rather than transporting water to a wastewater treatment facility. This application saves municipalities and public works time and money.

Ocean Gate Avenue: Photos

BMP Before Cleanout.

BMP Before Cleanout.

Cleanout in Process.

Cleanout in Process.

Influent and Effluent Samples.

Influent and Effluent Samples.

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