New Dewatering Tool for New Jersey Contractors and Engineers

  • Monday, 16 September 2013
  • Ocean, New Jersey

OCEAN, N.J., Sept. 16, 2013 -- In their September 9th New Product Technical Bulletin, the New Jersey Department of Agriculture, State Soil Conservation Committee approved the use of Aqualete Industries' WTS2000 Portable Sediment Tank for compliance with the Standard for Dewatering.

Dewatering, as defined by the State, is the removal and discharge of sediment laden water from an excavated area, construction site or sediment basin. In order to maintain compliance with the Standard for Dewatering, water pumped from excavated areas must be free of sediment before being discharged into a receiving body of water.

The WTS2000 uses the new science of accelerated sedimentation, a method that Aqualete Industries has pioneered. Incoming water is processed through a four-step vertical treatment sequence that successfully reduces suspended sediments, turbidity, hydrocarbons total nutrient loads and other pollutants. All of this is achieved without the use of chemicals or replaceable filters of any kind.

This cutting-edge advancement was developed by contractors for contractors to address the unique challenges of soil erosion, sediment control and dewatering. The WTS2000 affords the engineering and construction industries a functional solution that meet The Clean Water Act requirements and saves both time and money.

What once took hours or days can now be accomplished in minutes.

Following NJDOA approval, Aqualete Industries Chief Operating Officer commented, "This speaks to our mission. This is why we are here: to advance our industry in a way that makes sense to all parties and to provide a safe, economical and green method for protecting our waterways for future generations."

Download a free copy of our newly Approved Dewatering Technology Report here.

About Aqualete Industries

Aqualete Industries is an original equipment manufacturer and the parent company for Storm Drain Technologies and Starr Water Treatment Systems. All Aqualete stormwater treatment systems use the science of accelerated sedimentation to reduce pollutants in an environmentally conscious, efficient, and cost-conscious manner. Corporate headquarters, manufacturing and assembly facilities are located in Ocean, New Jersey.


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