Product Spotlight - WTS2000 - Concrete Wash Out Plant with a Vac Truck

  • Friday, 17 January 2014

WTS2000 Portable Sediment Tank - Concrete Wash Out Plant with a Vac Truck

Aqualete Industries is at a concrete washout plant in North Jersey.  We have brought our Starr Water Treatment System, WTS2000 to test the reduction of TSS and Turbidity in the wash water.  

Presently, we have developed two DEP approved applications for our patented technology: a portable water treatment system (WTS2000) and a stormwater BMP manufactured treatment device.  The WTS2000 is an accessible, affordable, tow-behind accelerated sedimentation device. It was designed for contractors who must dewater a site, treat or maintain a sediment basin or clean and maintain MTDs while staying compliant with current EPA discharge regulations. With the WTS2000, contractors are able to discharge treated water back on site, into a nearby roadway, drainage location or in the absence of a BMP, into any downstream location; without any additional permits. The unit has an average flow rate of 500 GPMs with gravels and 140 GPMs with heavy clays; at full capacity.  Average reduction rates are: TSS: 87%, Turbidity: 75%, Hydrocarbons: 97%, Phosphorous: 83% and Nitrogen: 83%. The accessibility, portability, and efficiency of our product are a significant cost savings, keeping jobsites on schedule and on time.  Our portable system can be used in a rental, lease or sale capacity.  Both units have identical infrastructures and will accomplish equal results.



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