Product Spotlight - WTS2000 - Oil / Water Separator

  • Monday, 23 June 2014

WTS2000 Portable Sediment Tank - Oil/Water Separator

Aqualete Industries worked with a South Jersey tank cleaning company to separate the water from their oil and grease storage tanks / vac-trucks.  We pumped the material from a vac-truck filled with wash water from several heavy machinery, bus terminal and equipment washing yards.  The substance contained 40% (oil, gas and grease), 20% (muck) and 40% (water).  With our Starr Water Treatment Systems WTS2000, accelerated portable sediment tank we separated the water at a rate of 80GPMs with a reduction in the effluent of over 98% in Hydrocarbons (oil/gas/grease) and 95% TSS (sediment/sand/floating particles).



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