Product Spotlight - WTS2000 - Dewatering Job at Palisades Medical Center

  • Friday, 07 November 2014
  • - Friday, 07 November 2014

WTS2000 - Portable Sediment Tank
Solution Spotlight: Dewatering
Sept. 2014 - Palisades Medical Center

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DEP Approved to Dewater & Discharge into the Hudson River

1,500 Gallons a Minute

2.16 Million Gallons a Day

90 Million Gallons in a 6 week period

In the past year, a new and innovative solution to remove hydrocarbons and pollutants from water was introduced to the New Jersey construction industry. Aqualete Industries, located in Ocean, NJ, is the manufacturer of the system, which is known as the WTS2000 Portable Sediment Tank.  This innovative treatment system is approved by NJDEP. The unit is marketed under the company's subsidiary Starr Water Treatment Systems.
The WTS2000 is the size of a landscape trailer and is towed by a pickup truck to construction sites. Once it is setup, water is conveyed into the system with the use of a standard construction pump. The fluid then goes through a four phase treatment process to remove total suspended solids (TSS), hydrocarbons such as oil and grease, sediments including sand, silt, dirt, clay, gravel and other highly organic soils, and also phosphorous, nitrogen and other pollutants. The water is then discharged through an effluent valve.

On a recent project in North Bergen, Phil Neto Construction was performing site work for the expansion of the Palisades Medical Center. The contractor encountered a great deal of groundwater while digging footings and foundations on this project. Aqualete transported four units to the jobsite for use during the dewatering process and to lower the water table. The WTS2000 units, working in conjunction with pumps provided by Pumping Services of Middlesex, NJ, were able to process approximately 2.1 million gallons of water per day (1,500gpm / 90,000gph). The systems operated around the clock for six consecutive weeks and a total of 80 million gallons of water was treated by the four units. Following treatment, the water was discharged into the Hudson River, which is adjacent to the medical facility.


Besides dewatering, this product is also approved for sediment control, MTD cleanout & maintenance, oil/water separation, trench discharge, decanting waters from storage tanks, marina and boat basin maintenance and much more! It is very easy to use and requires no special training or certifications to operate. These units allow for contractors to keep their projects on schedule with no downtime during dewatering.

The unit is constructed from marine grade stainless steel, has no moving parts and can be used in both fresh water and salt water conditions. It is capable of handling high volumes of water and does not use replaceable filters.

Aqualete Industries has recently expanded the number of these units available for sale, long term lease and rent. This growing company has provided services in 15 states in the eastern and mid-western parts of the United States. The WTS2000 is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, the NJ State Soil Conservation Committee and the Department of Agriculture. An important fact is that this product has third-party verified test results from Rutgers School of Engineering, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering for its pollutant reduction rates. The firm is led by William Hannemann, Chief Executive Officer and Albert Cohen, President.

Below is a video from the Palisades Medical Center job:



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