INDUSTRY NEWS WIRE - Approvals Extend Nationwide: Aqualete Doubles Rental Fleet

  • Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Aqualete Industries' WTS2000 is now an accepted best management practice in more than a dozen states nationwide. In response, we have launched a rental portal on our website and doubled our fleet of available units.


The WTS2000 saves time and money by accelerating the water treatment process and reducing suspended solids, hydrocarbons, turbidity levels, and nutrients in water. It is the only system approved to decant, treat, and discharge stormwater on-site, eliminating the expense of transporting water to a treatment facility.

The WTS2000 was designed to be an affordable, accessible, and efficient solution to sediment and pollutant reduction. Utilized by site contractors and municipalities, it saves time and money while ensuring compliance with current EPA regulations.

In the Field
In early June, the WTS2000 was implemented in a major project in Northern New Jersey.  Four WTS2000 units were arranged in parallel. Groundwater was pumped via well-points into the WTS2000, treated through the system, and discharged directly into the Hudson River. The units ran 24-hours a day at a rate of 375gpm each, decanting and treating 2.1 million gallons of water daily. At the end of the six week rental period, more than 88 million gallons of clean groundwater had been discharged.

What once took contractors hours and even days, the WTS2000 can accomplish in minutes. Each WTS2000 has an average flow rate of between 120gpm with heavy clays and 375gpm with groundwater, depending on the soil type and composition. Average reduction rates are: TSS: 87%, Turbidity: 75%, Hydrocarbons: 97%, Phosphorous: 83% and Nitrogen: 83%. The system uses no chemicals or replaceable filters and can be moved used a standard construction vehicle or pick-up truck.  This is all done for a fraction of the cost found in previous methods.

Aqualete Industries manufactures stormwater treatment systems out of our state-of-the-art facility in Ocean, NJ and ships throughout the United States. The WTS2000 is already an accepted best management practice in NJ, NY, PA, MD, IL, IN, MI, OH, WA, WI, and WV.

The additional fleet of WTS2000 Portable Water Treatment Systems will be available in early August.

Rentals are offered daily, weekly, monthly or for long-term lease. Please visit our rental portal at for more details.



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