William Roberts, Chairman

Bill serves as Chairman of the Board for Aqualete Industries, LLC. He brings more than 50 years of experience in the manufacturing, sales, and securities industries. For the last 13 years, he has served as President of Monmouth Capital Corp., an investment firm that specializes in corporate mergers and acquisitions. A graduate of New York University’s School of Commerce, Bill has remained active in the higher education community. Over the last 25 years, he founded and helped execute a Mentorship Program at Columbia University and a Russian Jewish Immigrant Program at The Hineni Heritage Center in New York. A Life Trustee of Monmouth University, each year The William Roberts Charitable Foundation recognizes devoted high school teachers who have made a difference in the lives of their former students with the Outstanding Teaching Award. Bill lives in New York with his wife.


Aqualete Industries
3417 Sunset Avenue
Ocean, NJ 07712
P: 732.695.6336